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Wooden Birds House
Wooden Birds House
Wooden Birds House

Wooden Birds House

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Attracts Birds to Nest in Your Garden!

Wooden Birds House

Nesting birds are rewarding to watch.

This Wooden Birds House is specifically designed to attract birds to nest inside it. Once a bird finished nesting inside the bird house, it will come back occasionally. Don't forget to fill in bird foods inside the house! 


Easy to Install, Fill and Clean! 

The Wooden Bird House is a gorgeous garden accessory for adding color and interest to your terrace. Look forward to a metal eyelet for hanging, it also encourages easy add rope for ads.

Designed to Make Birds Happy! 

[Important] How to install a Birdhouse:

- Location: Ideally, the house should be in a private area remote from nearby feeders where a lot of other activity could make brooding birds anxious. 

- Height: Higher houses are generally safer from feral cats and similar predators. 

- Climate: In excessively rainy areas, it is best to mount a birdhouse in a sheltered area, while in a hot region, a cooler shaded location is essential. 

- Cleaning: No matter which birds using the house, birders must access the house regularly for proper cleaning and to monitor any hatchlings. 

Offers your feathered friends a cozy home!


  • Color: as picture shows
  • 100% Brand new and high quality.
  • Size: approx. 11x7.5cm
  • This wooden bird house offers your feathered friends a cozy home
  • A trip hole lets you see the birds inside
  • This unique design birdhouse is the perfect addition to any home or garden of your choice
  • Material: wood

Package Included: 

  • 1 x wooden bird house

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