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Temperature Sensing Mug
Temperature Sensing Mug

Temperature Sensing Mug

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Our Temperature Sensing Mug determines the temperature of the liquid inside the mug and uses the battery level to indicate the right time to start enjoying your favourite beverage.

The smart mug aims to provide drinkers with a quick and easy way to tell whether the beverage they are about to consume is still too hot, now too cold, or just right for optimal enjoyment.


  • MAKES YOUR MORNING MORE FUN : Beat the sadness that the morning brings with this exciting Color Changing Mug. As it changes and you can watch the Battery fully charge. So fill it up and be ready to smile as the battery is charging!
  • PREVENT SCALDING : This mug can determines the temperature of the liquid inside. If the the temperature of the hot liquid is over 70°C, the battery level will increase. This can help to prevent scalding. 


  • Material : Porcelain
  • Size : approx 7.7*9.2cm
  • Capacity : 300 ml
  • Weight : approx. 450g

Package Details:

  • Temperature Sensing Mug x 1 



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