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Teeth Whitening Essence
Teeth Whitening Essence
Teeth Whitening Essence
Teeth Whitening Essence
Teeth Whitening Essence
Teeth Whitening Essence

Teeth Whitening Essence

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Teeth Whitening Essence with powerful antioxidants for removing discolor and stains creating Visibly Whiter Teeth and a more Radiant Smile. Delivering the Natural, rested and radiant appearance of healthy-looking, youthful Teeth. Strengthen your smile without using harmful damaging ingredients. It neutralizes harmful acids before they damage your teeth and provides an instant brightening boost while helping to protect tooth enamel for a visibly whiter appearance even on sensitive teeth.

About the product:

  • DOUBLE EFFECTIVE PROTECTIVE FORMULA - Removes the stains resulted from smoking and drinking tea or coffee in a more effective way, whitens yellow teeth completely and sweeps away plaque for a full clean-mouth experience
  • ORGANIC INGREDIENTS - Water, Alohol, Magnolia, Asarum, Angelica Dahurca, Gleditsiae Sinensis Fructus, Thyme, Borax, Menthol
  • SKIN TYPES - Those who want to get rid of all kinds of teeth stains,to remove tea stain, coffee stain, pigment teeth, dental plaque

How to Use:
Step 1: Clean the mouth with warm water
Step 2: Use a cotton swab to dip proper amount of the product , wipe the teeth surface repeatedly
Step 3: Rinse with warm water until the plaque is wiped clean.

  • When removing the stains, please wipe gently so as not to damage the gums and oral mucosa
  • Properly wet the cotton swab when it is soaked, making sure it is not too wet
  • It takes about 1 min to wipe each tooth
  • If the stains can't be removed completely, please use again after a week
  • Children under the age of 1 to 3 should not use it. Do not try to swallow. 
Package Include:
1 Bottle Teeth Whitening Essence(0.35 oz)

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