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Chinese Herbal Accupoint Sleep Aid Patch (12 PCS)
Chinese Herbal Accupoint Sleep Aid Patch (12 PCS)
Chinese Herbal Accupoint Sleep Aid Patch (12 PCS)

Chinese Herbal Accupoint Sleep Aid Patch (12 PCS)

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For insomnia, long-term use of sleeping pills will lead to addiction, the longer, the more dependent. Daytime drugs to promote the liver to produce drug decomposition and increase enzymes, the drugs in body can be quickly destroyed by this enzyme, and cause phenomenon of drug tolerance, then cause gastrointestinal disorders, nausea, loss of appetite, bloating, constipation etc . long-term use can even produce poisoning.

Sleeping pills, especially for liver and kidney bad people, can cause liver enlargement, liver pressure pain, or even jaundice, edema, protein in urine. So: Do not rely on sleeping pills, we here introduce our sleep aid patch, which is paste on the accupoint, without the liver first effect, directly take effect and without any side effect.


  • HAVING TROUBLES SLEEPING? - Our Sleep Aid Patch are the newest innovation in natural sleep aids using an advanced blend of naturally occurring ingredients sourced from some of the best farms on the planet. In a study of its effectiveness, over 90% of participants who used the sleep patches said they fell asleep faster, that it improved the quality of their sleep (goodbye restlessness!), and that it improved daytime wakefulness, too!
  • A LOT OF NATURAL GOODNESS IN A SIMPLE LITTLE SLEEP PATCH - Our Sleep Aid Patch alternative sleep aid contains natural sleep-promoting, restlessness-ridding ingredients like melatonin, magnesium, valerian root, GABA, and hops that all work in harmony to reflect the complex biochemistry that occurs naturally in our bodies. Sleep like nature intended!
  • SIMPLY PEEL, STICK & SLEEP - Unlike natural sleep aids like teas or tablets whose powers wear off after just a few hours, Sleep Aid Patch sleep patch is applied to your skin to allow for slow, continuous absorption all through the night. One box of Sleep Aid Patch sleep patches lasts an entire month and costs less than a dollar a day. A good night's sleep is certainly worth that!
  • Sleep Aid Patch is the alternative sleep aid you've been dreaming of! Sleep better. Feel better. Function better. Be better.

How To Use?

  • Every day 4 piece 60 pieces for a course of treatment.
  • General patients recommended to use 5-8 box
  • Patients with severe recommended to use 15-20 box
  • Paste the patch on both of the Shenmen acupoint (at the wrist) one hour before sleeping at every night
  • For the severe patients, they also need to paste it on Yongquan acupoint (at the soles of the feet) and Shenjue acupoint (at the navel) at the same time for the severest patients, they need to paste on Shenmen, Shenjue, Yongquan and Anmian acupoint (posterior auricular) the seven acupoints at the same time.
  • The pasting duration is 8-24 hours, normally, the patient can release it after one night's sleep, and the duration can be adjusted depend on the symptom condition.


Package Details:

  •  1 box 12 pieces (1 pack 2 pcs, total 6 pack) 

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