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Quick Dry Towel Comb
Quick Dry Towel Comb
Quick Dry Towel Comb
Quick Dry Towel Comb
Quick Dry Towel Comb

Quick Dry Towel Comb

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Towel + comb = 2 in 1

Get rid of your hair quickly and make your hair faster than ever before !!!!

Effectively remove dandruff. It is his new style to remove 39 % of the water from superabsorbent fibers.




  • The use of high-tech superfine fiber comb, each comb wet hair can absorb 30% of water, quick to comb the hair dry.
  • Pearl massage with massage and health function, the comb dry hair and massage the scalp, remove blood circulation, can effectively remove dandruff.
  • Side airflow device, to promote the rapid drying of the hair.
  • Lightweight design, reduce hand fatigue, keep dry.



How To Use?

It helps you to comb your hair, which is specially designed to absorb moisture from your hair and quickly absorb excess water. Short hair can be used directly to absorb, leave a few moist hair to lock the nutrition. If it's long hair. Cooperate with hair dryer. You can reduce the average amount of time and get more satisfaction. 
Easy to clean up 
Use a wide-tooth comb to remove excess hair from the top and rinse with warm water and shampoo. Allow the comb to be fully cleaned on your hands, from top to bottom, from the past to the left. Your cleaning will refresh the ultrafine fiber brush.



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