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Nano Invisible Mask

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The revolutionary patented nanotechnology, exclusive research and development of far-infrared function, the "dry mask" woven by high-voltage Electrospinning. Only 3 seconds, ultra-fine nanoparticles allow the revitalizing essence to be quickly injected into the bottom layer of the skin, with an average of more than 90% far infrared rays.

It promotes red blood cells and oxygen to enhance the blood circulation, activates the underlying cells to regenerate, and experiences four functions of instant facial lifting, brightening, deep water retention and anti-aging. Rejuvenated with Revitalizing Essence, it is free for adding pigments and preservatives. It is suitable for all types of skin especially sensitive skin.

How to use? 

  • 1. Always spray water on the skin (the purpose is to let the mask dissolve in water)
  • 2. Before use, with a spray of pure dew or toner or then put on the water, the net face spray, until you see the obvious water
  • 3. After affixing the film, gently pat the mask to make the mask fully adhere to the sprayed moisture
  • 4. After applying the mask, if you feel that the water is not enough to dissolve the mask, you can continue to spray water.
  • 5. After the spray water is dissolved, you can add some creams in your home, the essence massage can absorb, you can also do not massage
  • 6. Wait for about 1 minutes, the mask will be dry (drying time and indoor humidity, temperature, and the amount of water sprayed directly). The mask can be washed off after half dry, and can be removed after drying.
  • 7. This type of hydrolysed silk collagen mask is ultra-fine molecular collagen which is easy to absorb and penetrate into the skin. After drying, remove it. If it feels uncomfortable, wash it off with a towel or puff that is semi-dry.


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