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Magic Pipeline Dredging Powder
Magic Pipeline Dredging Powder

Magic Pipeline Dredging Powder

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Blockage of the sewer pipe often brings a lot of inconvenience.It's best to use Magic Pipeline Dredging Powder if the drainpipe, sewer are blocked.

It helps to remove deposits causing blockages to encourage healthy sinks, pipes. It can be used on any plughole in the house. 

Use this product can be remove deposits ,cleaning ,odorant and sterilize the 
bacteria in the pipe and will not damage the pipe and holes.


  • Suitable for vegetables pool, basin, bathtub, toilet pipes, floor drain, closes tool etc. Use To Restore Slow Flowing Drains and Prevent Future Plugged Drains & Septic Backups.
  • Strong dredge the biodegradable material (Resolve types--falling hair, remaining oil, lettuce leftovers residue, falen leaves ; Can't resolve types--Metalware, plastic product, wooden brush, Decoration garbage)
  • Easily solve all kinds of pipe problems (Blocked dish,Blocked closestool.Sewer blockage,Bathroom hair decomposition),they are hide many escherchia coli and staphylococcus in the blocked piping
  • Most Traditional way is tools of dredged, they are easy to hurt the pipe and cause bigger trouble. But the use method of this product is easy and convenient, safe and effective.
  • Keep the pipeline clean, sterilization, home health and comfortable.

How To Use?

  1. To add a moderate amount of room temperature water pipes
  2. Will this product into the pipe, with plenty of water into 5 minutes
  3. If the case is serious, please repeat use

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  • Material : Carbonate, sodium hydroxide, sodium silicate and surfactant 
  • Weight : 48g
  • Size : 11.5cm x 8 cm  


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