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Magic Beauty Lip Pump
Magic Beauty Lip Pump
Magic Beauty Lip Pump
Magic Beauty Lip Pump
Magic Beauty Lip Pump
Magic Beauty Lip Pump

Magic Beauty Lip Pump

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Effective and quick way to have that sexy lips

Your lips are the most attractive part of your face. Get fuller kissable lips and make it your facial asset by just using this lip plumper. It adds thickness, smoothness and shape to your lips without harmful effects or chemicals. It's the instant way to have that sexy lips that you always wanted. 

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  • It will give you fuller, more beautiful lips in just seconds
  • a tool for fuller, healthier -looking lips without the injections or chemicals.
  • It is simple, quick, painless and temporary solution to achieve fuller lips
  • It is small enough to carry in your makeup bag and is very simple to use for fuller, sexier lips and enhanced lip line
  • Use before applying your lipstick or lip gloss

How to use your lip pump 
Before use-It is recommended to remove the bottom part of the pump ring.Moisturiser can be used for this purpose, or Lip Balm works very well.It is recommended to lubricate the blue pump ring regularly to maintain a smooth pump and tight seal.

  1. .Apply the lip pump to the mouth area and gently suck the air through to the secure the pump in place.Your lips should sit within the mouthpiece of the pump.Please ensure the mouth piece is the correct way up.(shorter side to the top,longer side to the bottom). 
  2. It is important to condition your lips to the usage of the lip pump.Excessive usage may cause pain/bruising.Once the pump is secured in place,pump the Lip Pump until the lips are sucked into the mouth piece.If you are finding it difficult to make a tight seal with the pump,applying some lip balm to the skin and lip pump can help create a tighter seal
  3. Draw the pump out slowly and back in again.Repeat until lips are pulled further into the moutharea.If pressure becomes painful,cease the pumping session to avoid bruising. 
  4. For the first 2 weeks,it is recommended to use the pump only twice per day,pumping until pressure is felt on the lip area. 
  5. .After 2 weeks,usage may be increased to 3-4 pumping sessions per day. 
  6. After 1 month,usage may be increased ,but do not exceed 2 minutes of usage per day. Caution When the lip pump is too close,pls rotate the mouth piece area.If you experience excessive pain,bruiaing or swelling ,discontinue usage immediatel. 

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