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Horse Oil Hand Cream
Horse Oil Hand Cream
Horse Oil Hand Cream
Horse Oil Hand Cream
Horse Oil Hand Cream
Horse Oil Hand Cream

Horse Oil Hand Cream

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A nutritive & moisturizing hand cream dissolves quickly into skin without stickiness and is rich in nutrients and vitamin E. Introducing, Horse Oil Hand Cream that will make your hand smoother, softer and brighter.


The fatty acid composition of horse oil is similar to human sebum which protects our skin from bacteria, harmful substances and stimuli, making it the perfect natural moisturizer for all seasons. It helps to keep your skin soft and gives long-lasting moisturize to your hand.

The easy absorption of horse oil allows users to feel comfortable and clean with no greasy feeling left over on the skin. It will definitely protect your skin from roughness and will unveil soothed, softer and healthier looking hands.  

Let your hands experience the amazing effect of Horse Oil Hand Cream. Buy it now.


  • Refined horse fat with minute molecules, plus multiple natural plants extracts that forms a external layer to prevent loss of moisture
  • Repairs damaged skin.
  • Contains rich vitamin B and E
  • Fades fine wrinkles
  • Embellishing and preventing split
  • Natural ingredient, skin-friendly and no stimulation. 
  • Making your skin watery and tender, always healthy and young. 
  • Horse oil essence, calm and smooth, a really helpful skin care ingredient, similar with human subcutaneous fat, good for the absorption. 
  • Helps to improve dry and dull, rough fine lines and other skin problems to create more smooth hands. 
  • Particularly effective for dry skin, aging and wrinkled skin to make your hands more beautiful and charming. 


  • Net Weight: 60g
  • Fragrance:natural plant
  • Ingredient:horse oil secret natural extracts plant essence


  • Do not use if you have any skin trouble such as scratches, swelling or eczema. If it gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Please keep out of reach of children.


  • 1 x Horse Oil Hand Cream

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