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Fat Cellulite Burning Wrap
Fat Cellulite Burning Wrap
Fat Cellulite Burning Wrap
Fat Cellulite Burning Wrap
Fat Cellulite Burning Wrap

Fat Cellulite Burning Wrap

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Every girl wants and deserves to have perfect legs. Yet not all women have the time to go to the gym because of busy work or school schedule. Here’s the ultimate solution for that problem! The all new Fat Cellulite Burning Wrap.

It is a slimming wrap that works by burning your fat and consuming the calories in your legs, thus shaping it right. The wrap provides compression to help firm the treated area and tighten loose skin. Its high elasticity and its stickiness will hold it onto your body very firmly so you can wear it even your daily routine.

If used with weight loss cream, spa salt, massaging cream and other creams, the effect will be greater and more effective. A perfect gift to friends who wants to get a fit and perfect legs.

Now, you can achieve the legs of your dreams in one easy wrap! Buy yours now.


  • It’s made of high quality PVC that is very elastic
  • It is perfect to use for the legs, calves, and waist.
  • Can be reused endlessly through washing.
  • Easily worn and removed.


  • Simply wrap the product around the legs or waist.
  • Adjust the preferred tightness, so as not to feel uncomfortable.
  • Make sure that it’s tight enough for muscles to sweat like having a sauna bath.
  • Use as often as needed, at least a couple of minutes everyday.


  • Material: PVC resin
  • Size:About 30.5*112cm / 12*44.09 inch
  • Fit for waist: 60-80 cm/23.62-31.5 inch


  • 1 x Fat Cellulite Burning Wrap

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