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Deluxe Hair Dryer Hood Bonnet
Deluxe Hair Dryer Hood Bonnet
Deluxe Hair Dryer Hood Bonnet
Deluxe Hair Dryer Hood Bonnet
Deluxe Hair Dryer Hood Bonnet

Deluxe Hair Dryer Hood Bonnet

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Turn a hand-held dryer into a professional salon dryer with the flexible, portable Deluxe Hair Dryer Hood Bonnet. It is the most convenient way to set or perm your hair for the latest styles. It provides a fast & easy way to do hair setting dry your hair and hot oil treatment.

This blow dryer bonnet can be used for color processing, hair setting with rollers, deep conditioning, hot oils and heat treatments. It is the perfect accessory to use with your Conditioner, Castor oil, Curlformers, rollers and Velcros! It has Unique adjustable Chin Strap and Side Fitting Drawstring to secure it in place.

Now, you can have different hair style at low cost with this cost-effective Deluxe Hair Dryer Hood Bonnet. Grab yours now.


  • GIVES YOU SHINY HAIR: Ultra-powerful 2200 w motor with a lightweight frame and Helps reduce frizz, increase natural shine and prevent breakage
  • FASTER DRYING: Evaporates water for quicker styling and reduced dry-time
  • ADJUSTABLE SPEED AND HEAT: Tailor adjustable speed and heat settings to your needs
  • MAKES YOUR HAIR LOOK THICK: 80% faster at increasing hair volume without over-drying


How to Set Up and Pack Away your Collapsible Deluxe Hair Dryer Hood Bonnet with the easy "Pull, Lock, & Release" Drawstring System:

  1. Press the release button on the hose to loosen the locking mechanism.
  2. Attach the bonnet to the hose and place over rollers. Follow the user manual for drying instructions.
  3. After use, pull the drawstring and lock it. It's that simple: no effort to push together a springy hose to compact it for storage.
  4. Store hose and bonnet


  • Item Type:Cap
  • Size:diameter: 250mm
  • Material:Nylon
  • Type use:Dyeing, perm, Hair care,easy to use
  • Total length:103cm, Error 2 cm
  • Item weight: Approx. 60g


  • 1 x Deluxe Hair Dryer Hood Bonnet

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