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Chinese Herbs Detox SPA Bag
Chinese Herbs Detox SPA Bag
Chinese Herbs Detox SPA Bag
Chinese Herbs Detox SPA Bag
Chinese Herbs Detox SPA Bag

Chinese Herbs Detox SPA Bag

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Are you suffering from Period Pains? Feeling Cold Sick Easily? Tired? In Chinese Medicine Viewpoint, your body may be in a Cold Status. When this being clued, you can say bye to the issues mentioned. 

While Medicine is a Short Term solution, Chinese has instead developed and adopted a way to Fix this Long Term. That's by the habit of Herbal Bathing. Herbal Bathing work as the Herbs are picked for improving circulation, relief stress and enhance metabolism. This is a overall health treatment and mild enough for everyone to use even children and elderlies.

You would get new vitality and feeling the improvement in force flow around the body.


Product Name: Herb Bath Pack
Type:Foot Bath,Bath
Net Volume:50g
Uasage:SPA,Foot massage,Bath,
Main Ingredients:Chinese Herbs,Dried Rose
Remove toxins, Soften blood vessels, Promoting blood circulation,
Remove blood stasis,Promote the blood running,Have strong immunity

Using Method:

  1. 1-3 times each week
  2. foot bath is about 25 minutes each time, the water temperature around 45 degrees
  3. Best advice is to soak the foot 1 hours before bed
  4. Dry your feet gently massage after
  5. Have foot bath is a great help to sleep


  1. Moderate or above high or low blood pressure history, cardiac dysfunction avoid use
  2. The skin has a large area of wound, skin erosion should avoid use
  3. Patients with severe asthma, epilepsy, malignancy and hemorrhagic disease are avoided
  4. Pregnant, lactating women, infants and infants avoid use
  5. Be careful with Chinese herbal allergy

Package Included:

1 pc x Herb Bath Pack

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