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Charcoal Whitening Strips
Charcoal Whitening Strips
Charcoal Whitening Strips
Charcoal Whitening Strips
Charcoal Whitening Strips

Charcoal Whitening Strips

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The Glory Smile Teeth Whitening Kit gives you the extreme comfort to whiten your teeth tidily and naturally. This Whitening Strips contain Bamboo Charcoal instead of Chemicals in Ordinary Strips which make it Natural, Enamel-Safe, Free from Irritation. As the core substance in this Strip is Activate Charcoal, Coconut Oil, this Whitening Strips deliver even better whitening power than bleach based formula in traditional Strips.

This can active ion and surface active agent, powerfully absorbs and gets rid of tooth surface of all cigarette stains, tea stains, coffee stains, helping you get better bright white strong healthy teeth.

The kit will deliver results that will leave your teeth up to 8 shades whiter. Use the kit 6 days in a row for the best results!

Our key ingredients makes our gel 100% safe for daily use without any risk for your gum and teeth!


  • SAFEOur Teeth Whitening Gels contain key ingredients to ensure that there is no pain or sensitivity caused throughout the whitening process!
  • GREAT RESULTGlory Smile kit will deliver results of up to 5 shades whiter teeth. Use the kit daily for the best results!
  • EASY TO USE - 3 simple steps to get your white glory smile! Use our gel up to 6 times per kit.
  • QUICK - Whitens in only 15 minutes.
  • REMOVE STAINS - Our gel reduce coffee, tea, wine and cigarettes stains.

How To Use?

  • Tear open foil packet to reveal the strips.
  • Brush teeth, place bottom strip first, then repeat with top.
  • Keep strip on teeth for 15 mins, Avoid eating or drinking.
  • Keep strips and discard. Rinse away any existing gel & admire.

Package Include: 

  • Boxed set of 14 pouches (1 upper & 1 lower)
  • Teeth shade guide
  • User manual

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